MY MUFFIN Self Cleaning Cat and Dog Grooming Brush for Mats and Tangled Hair, Soft Bent Needles for Pet Massage, Skin Friendly, Shedding Brush for sensitive Medium and Short Hair, Cepillo Para Gatos

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About this item

  • For The Love of Your Pet – Massage by gently comb from head to tail that can remind them of their youth & the barbs on their mother tongue
  • Safe and Effective Grooming Experience – Ensure that your pet is relaxed, Make it a Habit: Regular brushing results in a shiny, silky coat eliminate any dirt that can create serious issues
  • Self Cleaning Hair Brush – Smart hair release mechanism, hair fall-off in one click, angled stainless steel bristles with plastic coating for sensitive skin, durable, keep your pet healthy
  • Efficient – For long, medium and short Hair, perfect for cats, dogs, Rabbit and small animals of all fur types, keep your pet happy
  • Effective – Detangles, Reduces shedding, removes dirt & debris, keeps coat looking shiny and healthy

My Muffin Self Cleaning Brush For Cats, Dogs & Small Animals

Introducing the My Muffin self-cleaning brush, the ultimate grooming tool for your furry friends. This soft pet brush is perfect for cats and dogs with sensitive skin, as it gently removes loose hair without causing any discomfort. Designed specifically for shedding, this cat and dog brush will leave your home cleaner and your pets happier. Our slicker brush for dogs is also great for giving your furry friend a relaxing massage, and the kitten brush is perfect for little ones. With our self cleaning cat brush, you won’t have to worry about messy cleanup – simply push a button and the brush cleans itself. This cat grooming brush is one of the best cat grooming supplies on the market, making it an essential part of your pet supplies. Whether you’re looking for cat stuff, dog accessories, or rabbit brush, the My Muffin self-cleaning brush is a must-have for all pet owners.

The Magic Bond:

Give your kitties the joy of a clean & enjoyable experience with our simple, smart, and safe product design

The 3S Design:

Simple Cleaning, Safe Grooming & Smart Design to relax your pet

Safe On Sensitive Skin:

Bristles are Angled stainless steel with plastic coating to prevent skin scratch & to reach all the fur layers

Hair Fall Off In One Click:

Smart Mechanism That Removes Dirt for all fur types

My Muffin Grooming Tool:

Unique Shape & Size designed to keep your kitten healthy & enhance pleasure

My Muffin Self Cleaning Brush unique shape fosters a family-like bond



Brand My Muffin
Category Pets
Color Blue
Shape Round
Handle Material Rubber, Plastic, Metal
Unit Count 1.00 Count
Hair Type Fine, Thick, Thin
Item Weight 95 Grams
Material Plastic, Metal
Product Dimensions 8.27 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches; 3.35 Ounces
Item model number MF_196852267255
UPC  196852267255
Manufacturer My Muffin
this product was sold in USA
this product was sold in CANADA

16 reviews for MY MUFFIN Self Cleaning Cat and Dog Grooming Brush for Mats and Tangled Hair, Soft Bent Needles for Pet Massage, Skin Friendly, Shedding Brush for sensitive Medium and Short Hair, Cepillo Para Gatos


    This brush is fantastic, excellent. I adopted a kitten from outside that came to my house and I gave him food, until I decided to keep him. The Veterinarian told me that he is about 5 years old and has some complications that I am treating him with medication, his hair was a mess and I didn’t know what to do because the groomers didn’t want to do anything to him because he still hadn’t had the vaccines. Desperate I started looking on amazon for a miraculous brush and I FOUND IT. My kitten loves it and every time he sees me with the brush in my hand he comes running towards me, little by little I was able to remove the knots that were full of knots, his hair is getting beautiful and it doesn’t shed anymore. It is incredible that such a small brush has had excellent results, even the kitten’s personality has changed because he loves to be swam. I sincerely recommend it

  2. MamaG

    My mom loves it! Works exactly as advertised.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Both of my cats immediately enjoyed being groomed with this brush. It relaxed them and put them in a drowsy, purring ,mellow mood. It must simulate the feel of a cat mama’s tongue. They fell sound asleep when I was finished. The bristles are very short so don’t remove much fur, so I don’t think it would work on any cat but a short-hair. The round shape makes it difficult to get in under the chin and other angled areas. The handle is straight, while if it had a angle it would be easier to manipulate. Those inconveniences are minor when you see the pleasure it gives your kitties.

  4. José Manuel Cruz

    diseno y funcionalidad

  5. Carole Peck

    Kitty and and I are very satisfied. He gets brushed more often because the
    Brush is so easy and quick to clean.

  6. Smarie

    This product was great Beyond great !! It’s just the right size brush and the quick release button helps get the job done quicker !!! Shipping from the seller was fast to

  7. Sultan Ayash

    Excellent quality and cleans very easily. But more importantly, my cats LOVED this brush. It was the first time I didn’t have to chase her around. She will sit down and relax and I can brush a great amount of hair off. Can’t recommend it enough!

  8. sam

    Our 3 cats loved it! So gentle on their fur. Collects big chunks of hair. I also tried it on our small bernadoodle dog and it worked very well without getting stuck with his fluffy fur. Very good quality. I highly recommend!

  9. Sara

    My cat loves it! For the first time i brush my cat and no wrestling involved 😂! I’ve never seen my cat so relaxed and enjoying grooming and not trying to escape!

  10. Christopher Roy

    Great Brush!
    My dog loves this brush and I love the hair collection feature!

  11. mimo maher

    Good quality, compact
    Great product, high quality material. Recommend 10/10

  12. Bahget

    Amazing results with shedding. My dogs hair feels much softer after the first use, helped alot with the shedding too, even she knows it. A must buy for all fur parents.

  13. Sara H

    LOVE IT!!! My two cats love this brush, it’s gentle yet effective. One of my cats typically doesn’t like to be brushed but even he likes this one! Does a great job of removing loose fur and leaves their coats soft and clean. Great item!

  14. willy

    The greatest brush ever!!!
    Our cats absolutely LOVE MY MUFFIN brush! Even our cat that doesn’t enjoy being brushed. She would now let us brush her forever when I tried MY MUFFIN brush on her. This is like our magic hair brush now and I would absolute recommend this to all you cat lovers. We now brush our cats whenever we want and they just love it!!!! Thank you MY MUFFIN!

  15. Maria Gomez

    The best
    Muy bueno

  16. Rola Boulmona

    Loving it! I wish I bought it a lot sooner! Works great. Highly recommended.

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