Return Policy


We don’t require anyone to return anything. Shipping an item back to the warehouse in China is very expensive so it doesn’t make sense to do that. We’ll always issue a refund for any orders with no questions asked.


For shipped orders within 30 days of the order being delivered, we will refund with no questions asked.

Sample orders are not eligible for a refund.


If a product is delivered damaged or defective, you should send us a high-quality image or video of the damage or defect in order for a replacement to be issued.

If your order has been in transit longer than 5 days outside of the estimated delivery window of the country the order is being shipped to, we will issue a replacement order to be shipped.

Processing time (the amount of time it takes to issue a tracking code and ship the order) is separate from shipping time.


For lost in transit or stolen packages, there’s two options available to you. we will ship out a single replacement per order, free of charge.

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